Uncertain - Week 4

Series: Uncertain

Uncertain - Week 4

February 02, 2020 | Dane Aaker

Having questions and doubts in regards to faith is normal, and can be expected in every believer’s life at some point. What we do in these times of doubt is crucial however; more importantly, it is what we don’t do during such times that makes the greatest impact on our spiritual future. Not reading our Bibles, specifically, ceasing to read the Bible during times of struggle is the biggest mistake one can make. It’s ok to struggle, but remember that times of doubt are also times of vulnerability and the word of God is a solid foundation that we can build our lives on for when the storms of life inevitably come. How do we build upon the foundation of God’s word? What is the danger in laying aside the Bible? How do we come out stronger on the other side of a crisis of faith? There’s power in the word of God to carry us through times of doubt and uncertainty, so don’t stop reading the Bible! Watch as we discuss building our lives upon the rock of God’s word as we continue our series.

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