Uncertain - Week 3

Series: Uncertain

Uncertain - Week 3

January 26, 2020 | Josué Zapata

This week we take a look at the biggest contributor to stumbling in one’s faith: temptation. While temptation itself is not a sin, it is a doorway that leads to it. All over Scripture, we are able to see examples of people who fall to their temptations and the disastrous impact on the lives of themselves and those around them. Temptation is subjective, we are all tempted in our own unique ways, and thus it is difficult to define. What is temptation? Is sin different from temptation? How can temptation jeopardize our faith? Temptation is difficult to overcome, but that doesn’t mean that it is impossible! Watch as we learn how to define, and defeat, the temptations in our lives as we continue our series.

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