Uncertain - Week 2

Series: Uncertain

Uncertain - Week 2

January 19, 2020 | Dane Aaker

This week, we’re taking a look at the truth of Christianity and why we can come to believe that it is, indeed, the one true religion. When doubts arise, it can be easy to become lost and insecure in what we believe, and why. There are so many valid questions to face that may never be answered, and that can be a little scary. However, there are profound truths of the Bible, and certain undeniable facts of existence that we can turn to in order to help us remain steadfast in our faith. Living here on this earth, we simply cannot see it all clearly, and that’s ok! How can we have a faith grounded in our minds, rather than our hearts or emotions? What is the nature of God in Christianity? How can we learn to deal with our doubts? There’s nothing wrong with having questions; we always will, and that’s perfectly normal, but we shouldn’t walk away from our faith just because we don’t understand everything. Scripture shows us undeniable proof that we are the children of a loving God who cares for, and desires a relationship with us. Watch as we unpack verses from all over the Bible and affirm why Christianity is true, as we continue our series.

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