Uncertain - Week 1

Series: Uncertain

Uncertain - Week 1

January 12, 2020 | Dane Aaker

What do you do when you feel like you’re losing your faith? We’re beginning a new series this week that teaches us how to deal with the uncertainties that we all can face in our walks as Christians. Doubts and questions are completely normal, and can even be reoccurring over the years depending on what we’re going through at the time. It is important to have an intellectual understanding of our faith in order to be properly grounded and able to stand firm when faced with a crisis of faith. While we need not feel guilt when we question our faith, we must not allow ourselves the complacency of not seeking the answers to our questions. How can we find the answers we seek? What do we do when we find our faith shaken? Do you know why you are a Christian? There are eternal issues at stake here! God gives us all of the evidence we need to believe so long as we’re willing to seek out the truth. Watch as we begin our series and learn how to find the answers to our questions and doubts as we tackle uncertainty.

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