The Fall

Series: Genesis

The Fall

August 02, 2020 | Josué Zapata

This week in our series, we see God put the finishing touches on His intricate design of creation. This picture of paradise that would not last, however, as we are witness to the most tragic part of the Old Testament: the fall of man. Satan’s deception led mankind into original sin, creating a rift that could only be healed through the love and sacrifice of Jesus. What are some of the ways that the enemy will try to trip us up? How can we avoid making bad choices? How do we avoid a fall? Be on your guard! One of the enemy’s greatest tools is doubt, and it is imperative to seek and know the truth. While Satan created issues, God, in His infinite love for us created a solution. Watch as we learn from mankind’s greatest mistake, and see the connection to our salvation, as we continue our series.

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