Series: Genesis


September 13, 2020 | Dane Aaker

The story of Jacob showed us how he began his life as a selfish con artist. However, God changes people and changes lives. Jacob is a wonderful example of how God is able to change a person. By the end of his life, Jacob was known, not as a con artist, but as a hero of faith. God transformed Jacob, and He can transform each and every one of us as well! How did Jacob end up going from a con artist to a hero of the faith? How does God change us individually? What illusions may be blinding us to the better that God has in store for us? We’re not defined by what the world says of us, but rather we are defined by what God says about us. Just like God changed Jacob’s identity, He has also changed ours by claiming us as His own. Watch as we look into the life of Jacob, and see the wonderful transforming power of God, as we continue our series.

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