Series: Miracles


May 05, 2019 | Dane Aaker

If you are feeling discouraged, ashamed and under attack spiritually, the Bible is an awesome source of wisdom and weapon against the enemy. The word of God tells us that He who is in us is greater than he who is in the world. Sometimes we have misconceptions about how powerful Satan is; we may think of him as some sort of mini-god that can control our lives and how we feel through constant worry, anxiety, and fear. The truth is that Jesus has authority over the enemy and as we learn more about God’s power and love for us, we can begin to speak truth against the evil one’s lies. What are some of Satan’s strategies against us? What does Scripture have to say in response? How can we be mindful of the awesome power of God’s supernatural weapons wielded in our favor? Jesus came to set us free! Fear, worry, guilt, and shame have no authority over God’s children! Watch and learn as we continue our series and learn more about the miracle of deliverance.

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