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Chapter 2

Dec 4, 2022    Dane Aaker

This week, we’re looking at the concept of providence as we continue our journey in the Book of Ruth. As we follow along in the story of the lives of Ruth and Naomi, we see how God provided for them through what would seem to be a coincidental encounter with a relative, granting them food and safety while they adjusted to the new changes in their lives. The key concept of providence means that God is at work with His good and perfect plan in our lives, even when we can’t see it. Coming to fully understand this concept will change your life! What are some ways we have seen the goodness of God? How does God’s providence shape our lives? What does this mean for any trials we may face in the future? Join us as we learn more about providence and how we can trust in God’s plans for us no matter what we may face, as we continue our series.