Discipleship helps us, as disciples or followers of Jesus, to become more like Jesus. At Centerpoint, we offer many different ways to help Jesus followers grow as disciples. Three key ways we help disciple people are: 1-to-1 Follow-Up, 3BE Classes, and Theology Classes.

1-to-1 Followup

Those who are new to Christianity often have a lot of questions about what Christianity is all about. 1-to-1 Followup is a way to get those questions answered clearly in a safe space. Trained leaders take people through 5 lessons on an individual basis to make sure people truly understand what Christianity is.

1-to-1 Follow-up is individualized to your schedule, fill out the form below to get started.

3BE Classes

Our BE Classes will help you lay a strong Christian foundation to last throughout your Christian life. These classes will cover everything from becoming a Christain, to living the Christian life, to sharing your Christian faith. These classes build on each other and should be done in order. All new and "old" Christians are invited to attend!

The next Believe Class starts Sunday, September 8th at 9:15am

The next Belong Class starts Sunday, November 17th at 10:45am

Become Classes will start in 2020, stay tuned!


Studying God ("theology") is a vital part of growing as a Christian. These 4 classes will take you through some theology basics. You can take them in any order, just make sure you take them all! Your faith in God and your life as a Christian will be greatly impacted and changed by these classes. Come and see for yourself!

If you have any questions, or if you would like more information on Discipleship, please click the link to fill out the form, and a ministry leader will be in contact with you.

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