Next Steps

Centerpoint Church offers many classes and small groups to help you grow spiritually. There are three major classes we offer that will assist tremendously in this process: Connection Class, Baptism Class, and Membership Class. At Centerpoint Church, we know you cannot reduce being a mature Christian to a checklist. But, there are some physical steps that you can take to grow. We want to offer groups and classes to help you in your walk with God. No matter where you are at spiritually, there is always room to grow.
These three classes are designed to help you connect to Centerpoint Church and its vision, take your Christian faith public, and commit to loving and serving your church family.

Connection Class

New to Centerpoint Church? Don’t know where to start? Start here! This class connects people who are ready to BELONG to Centerpoint Church. In 4 weeks, you will get to know why Centerpoint Church exists, what it stands for, how you can get involved, and your next step to get even more connected at Centerpoint. Connections are born here!

Baptism Class

At Centerpoint Church, we define baptism as an outward expression of an internal transformation. Here at Centerpoint Church, we practice Baptism for Believers only. When someone gets baptized they go public with their Christian faith, they show that they BELIEVE in Jesus and have given their life to Him. It is a time to celebrate their commitment!

Membership Class

Church membership gives Centerpoint members a voice and a say in the major decisions of the church. But more than that, it is a commitment to make Centerpoint Church your curch home. By becoming a member, you are saying that you BELONG to the church family through thick and thin. Come join the family!


Discipleship helps us, as disciples or followers of Jesus, to become more like Jesus. At Centerpoint, we offer many different ways to help Jesus followers grow as disciples. Three key ways we help disciple people are: 1-to-1 Follow-Up, 3B Classes, and Theology Classes.

If you have any questions, or would like more information on our Next Steps, please click the link to fill out the form, and a ministry leader will be in contact with you.