The Real God

Feb 03, 2019 | Dane Aaker

Merciful & Just

This week we take a look at two characteristics of God that many have difficulty fully understanding: Justice and Mercy. God hates all sin and must execute His perfect judgement on each and every one, but God’s hatred of sin also serves to highlight His great mercy. There are several examples of God’s wrath toward sin to be found in Scripture, just as there are several that point to His mercy. In our culture, it’s easier, to accept the merciful aspect of God’s character, and ignore or deny His wrathful, judgmental aspect completely. Such an unbalanced view of God is not only dangerous, at best, but leans toward blasphemy. There is a reason that our God cannot overlook sin. His total and complete hatred of sin is an integral part of what makes God the only righteous Judge, but we are also reminded that His mercy triumphs over judgement. This is especially illustrated as we partake in Communion, making all the more clear the incredible role of the Cross. How does this all fit together? How can God hate sin, and yet love mercy? How does this all apply to us, and what happens in our lives and to our relationships when we come to truly understand it all? There is fairness and comfort to be found by analyzing these aspects of God’s character. Watch and learn as we turn to Scripture to learn more about The Real God!

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