Love is Patient

Series: Messy: Loving Others Isn’t Easy

Love is Patient

May 26, 2019 | Dane Aaker

Love is patient, it is not easily angered. This week, we take a look at the very first characteristic of love: Patience. Loving others isn’t easy, and it can be all too easy to forget to be patient with others. Rather than reacting quickly when hurt or angered, we should be mindful of the fact that love demands patience, and seek to treat others gently. Patience is a strength, and when developed, it and self-control go hand in hand. Making patience our first reaction may seem daunting, but we have the greatest example of love shown through patience there is: the incredible forgiveness of God! Just think of how many times has He been patient with each of us! God sets the example of our relationships with others, and our own patience is another way for us to reflect Christ’s love. How do we exercise a godly patience? What way can our own patience be a benefit to others? Where do we find patience? This characteristic of love should be a top quality in our lives! Watch and learn as we look to Scripture for example after example of patience, and how we can apply it to our own lives, as we continue our series.

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