Death of Death week 2

Series: Death of Death

Death of Death week 2

November 03, 2019 | Dane Aaker

This week we’re discussing what is possibly the hardest subject in the Bible: the truth about Hell. This is a subject that most people, even other Christians, would prefer to ignore, but the fact of Hell and eternal punishment are all over Scripture. Taking a look at one of the parables of Jesus, we can see how He clearly warns of what is in store for those who refuse His gift of grace, and the frightening reality that is Hell. Through Jesus’ teachings, we are able to begin to truly understand the price that He paid for us to get into Heaven, and how very amazing the grace of God is. What is the truth about Hell? What are the ramifications of ignoring Scripture here? How does God’s justice fit into all of this? The Bible is very clear here, this is not an issue to take lightly, but rather a sober truth with eternal issues at stake! Watch and learn, as we carefully discern the truth about this most difficult of subjects as we continue our series.

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