Daniel | Week 5

Series: Daniel: Faith Under Fire

Daniel | Week 5

August 11, 2019 | Josué Zapata

We’ve all been told to forget the past before, but in truth, forgetting the past can lead straight to disaster. This week we take a look at Belshazzar, Nebuchadnezzar’s grandson, and how his arrogant disregard for the lessons of the past lead to his ultimate fall. All of our experiences, good or bad, can be used to help shape our future for the better and ultimately to glorify God. With this in mind, we can be mindful fo the fact that our past should always play a major role in our faith. Humble consideration of all of our trials, as well as our blessings, can help us to see the hand of God, and His mighty works. How can our past help build our faith today? What role will our faith play in our family history? How do we discern the hand of God in our lives? The God who created the universe holds our lives in His hand, and by recalling His blessings, we’re able to see His goodness at work all throughout our history! Watch as we continue our series and learn how to learn from, rather than live in, the past.

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