Dec 02, 2018 | Dane Aaker


This week we’re taking a close look at Communion, discerning not only what it is, but exactly what it should mean to each and every one of us as we prepare our hearts to participate in it. There are several different views about Communion, but they all hold to the same truth: that this is a sacred moment in the life of a Christian, which requires both reflection and self-examination. It is far too easy to let Communion become just another part of a church service. Christ’s sacrifice for us is to be remembered, not just with solemnity, but also with joy when we consider the magnitude of what He has done for us. What does Communion mean to followers of Christ? What should our hearts and minds look like before we partake? Is it possible to unknowingly abuse Communion? Watch and learn as we examine Scripture to see deeper into the heart of Communion, and are reminded of our unity, not only as a church, but as the very body of Christ, as we celebrate this wonderful gift from our Savior!

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