Jul 08, 2018 | Dane Aaker

A Man Who Was a Hot Mess

This week we close out our series on Samson by taking a look at the final mistakes that led up to the end of his life. While Samson did lead Israel for a good portion of his life, he still managed to make choices that ultimately ruined him in the end. Though we learn several ways NOT to live through Samson’s life, we are also ultimately given a positive message throughout it all; we are able to see that no matter what we may go through, and whatever mistakes we may make, that there is still Hope. In spite of all his weaknesses, God still used Samson for His glory, and the very same can apply to us as well! What are some of the ways, if we aren’t careful, that we can make a mess of our lives? is there truly hope of a better future despite past mistakes? How can we learn from all aspects of Samson’s life an apply it to ourselves? Watch and learn as we wrap up our series on the life of Samson.

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